Provision of production, finding a partner

What is our goal?

The needs of each company are unique and always depend on the production process, the possibilities, the technical equipment, the customer portfolio and the organizational structure of the company … and we are well aware of this. First, we will listen to what are key values for you and your business and what’s important in your purchasing and manufacturing process to make your customers happy.

We will then prepare an analysis of the current portfolio of suppliers, highlight the weaknesses and threats, and at the same time, we will develop a proposal on how the cooperation should be dealt with more effectively (if it can get even better ;-))

If your company would be interested, we’re here to help you sign all the necessary contracts with your suppliers, help you formally set up business conditions, or just prepare the audit of a vendor as prescribed by ISO certification.

Of course there is also a selection of brand new co-operatives and subcontractors – for example,in case of increase of orders.

What do we offer?

  • The experienced team of people at Cooperative is ready to help you

  • Our services do not just end up with a new subcontractor, but we can offer you a complete analysis of your current suppliers and compare them with other market options

  • We are not limited to the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic – we also provide subcontractors from Ukraine or Romania

What do you need?

  • Do you need to strengthen your subcontractors and / or replace those that are not so reliable?

  • You do not have the capacity for new job interviews?

  • Do you have new orders that you need new partners for?

Reach us with your ideas and we will help you to implement them

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