For partners

What is our goal?

It is better for two people and we are happy to create value with partners together for every opportunity. Each of the companies has their own customer base, their product and their sales or communication strategy, and that is why the resulting link and cooperation is so unique and beneficial. Thanks to the well-designed “multibrand marketing”, we have the opportunity to co-operate and help each other to address existing customers in a new way, while presenting products and clients that you do not yet know.

Are you interested?

  • Do you like the idea of Cooperation?

  • Do you feel that Czech and Slovak engineering deserves our maximum support?

  • Would you like to help us spread our name on?

  • Do you have the same customer target group as we do?

  • Do you want to offer your customers an opportunity to get better paid jobs?

How to become a partner?

There are several possibilities to become a partner. From telling us your customers (newsletters, letter, merchants), through joint marketing events, or simply by paying memberships on our portal or introducing news on our blog.

Ideally, we come together to discuss all possibilities.

Kontaktujte nás

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